Pet Sitting and Home Dog Boarding, What Are the Differences?

What is Pet Sitting and Home Dog Boarding? And, what is the difference?

You need to go out of town for your work or business, go on vacation, attend a wedding or go to your family reunion. One of your biggest concerns is: who is going to care for my dog? Who is going to feed your pet, and what about the litter box? Who is going to take the dog out to attend to business and get some exercise and play time?

Will your dog really do better in a caged run next to other dogs? What about at night when no one is around? Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety and fearful when not with his family?

Commercial boarding or pet sitting and home dog boarding – which is the least stressful for all concerned?

Home Dog Boarding

In the past, commercial boarding was the only solution for pet owners needing to leave their pets.  Fortunately for them, and us, cold concrete and steel runs with sterile steel cages in a rather depressing environment are no longer the standards.

Stress is the biggest problem with boarding pets in the traditional commercial kennel facility.

The personal attention home dog boarding provides reduces your pets’ stress

I provide a fun and friendly environment for your dog with the personal care and attention that a commercial dog kennel just isn’t able to provide. Your dog is given the same amount of love and care as I do for my own.


In home dog boarding provides a normal, natural environment with lots of love. We have a fenced, spacious backyard but your dog is not left unattended and is always accompanied by me to play, exercise and attend to needs.


Pet Sitting and Drop In Visits

Pet Stay Today offers two types of pet sitting:

  1. I come to your home 2-3 times daily to feed, allow potty time, exercise and playtime for your dog. If requested, I will water the plants, bring in the mail and packages, rotate curtains/lights, and take out the garbage.
  2. I can come to your home when your pet absolutely cannot leave the home and needs overnight companionship and medication.
  3. I only travel 3 miles from zip code 13492 in Whitesboro, NY – this is a limited service provided within this radius.

Having a pet sitter come and go also has the unexpected added advantage of providing a live-in appearance when no one is home. Mail and newspaper collections eliminate away-from-home signals to potential thieves. A pet sitter creates near normal household activity that discourages possible risks when leaving a house unoccupied.

So, Which is Better – Commercial Boarding or Pet Sitting and Home Dog Boarding?

To me the obvious choice is pet sitting and home dog boarding! It is as close to a normal environment for the pets as possible, eliminates a great deal of stress for your pet and you, and is also great insurance against crime. It is my personal choice for my own dog.

Pet Stay Today is a Proud Member NAPPS

Pet Parents can get valuable information and resources from NAPPS, too! Click here for the -> NAPPS website and choose the heading “Pet Parents”.

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