Dog Boarding In Home

Private Home Dog Boarding

When you hate to leave your dog in doggy jail, surrounded by barking and stressed out anxious dogs, we can help you!

We provide a unique alternative to traditional dog boarding in our own calm and traditional home – where your dog can keep to a routine he or she is used to while away from family and home.

Your dog will feel safe, comfortable and loved, lots of TLC included with private in-home dog boarding. We treat your dog just like he/she is a member of our family, eliminating most of your fur-baby’s stress and anxiety! Your dog will have fun and have his own holiday!

How In Home Dog Boarding Works

Call, email or contact me and we’ll set up an initial consultation, a Meet and Greet, in my home.

We take special care in giving your dog the love, care and attention he, or she, is used to having. Receiving lots of love, petting, playing in a large fenced in backyard, a cushion-y and comfortable place to sleep ~ and your dog will eat the food and snacks you bring, not the kennel provided dog food at the times and pace dictated by the kennel.

If you want your dog crated for the night, for training and/or to keep to a routine, just bring it with you.

Private Home Dog Boarding Whitesboro NY
Rosie’s parents brought her crate to place in our playpen – the same as what she’s used to at home.

Boarding dogs in a kennel environment is harsh and intolerable for some dogs, unless they are very accustomed to being in a kennel and you started putting them in a kennel at a very young age. Dogs become stressed out the same as you and me, and putting your dog into boarding kennels can be very traumatic for them. A dog’s brain is comparatively developed to a toddler’s mentality. Any dog can, to some extent or another, become distressed and upset being left in a new environment.

Even calm and friendly dogs, dogs not easily agitated, can become very stressed out when placed in a new surrounding, enduring a change of diet and house routines. Hard on dogs being put into a kennel where they are unfamiliar with the environment, surrounded by new smells and many other dogs – and probably dealing with barking and howling for very long periods of time. Kennel boarding can stress a dog out to the point that he seems like a different dog when you bring them home.

Skip the Cages and Kennel and treat your beloved dog to private home dog boarding today!
This little one, Teddy, preferred to nap and relax in the playpen, and his preferences are pillows, blankets and much loved toys to snuggle with!
Skip the Cages and Kennel and treat your beloved dog to private home dog boarding today!
These 2 lovelies happily chose the couch!



  1. It’s required that all dog(s) be up to date on vaccinations and rabies shot, and you’ll need to bring a copy of your dog’s vet records during the stay.
  2. Your dog(s) must be current on flea treatment.
  3. A signed veterinarian release must be on file ~ Please download and print the Veterinarian Release Form prior to your pet’s stay.
  4. Your dog should be friendly towards other dogs and people and have no aggressive tendencies towards either.
  5. A Meet and Greet is essential to determine whether we are all a good fit.
  6. Your dog has to be Tiny, Small and/or Medium Size Breeds – up to 40 lbs.

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