Necessary Pet Vaccinations for Dogs

Pet vaccinations for dogs are essential for the health and survival of  your dog and other dogs coming in contact with your pet.

Many people treat their canine friends with the same love and affection that they do their human friends. It is because of this that many individuals take very good care of them. There are core vaccines and those that are not required but may be an option for owners.

Pet Vaccines Required by Law and Local Authorities

One of the dog vaccinations that is really required by law in most parts of the world is for rabies. This helps to control the spread of this vicious disease. It is almost always transmitted by the bite of an animal and can affect humans and any other warm blooded animals. The disease causes the victim’s brain to swell, sometimes called acute encephalitis. An animal or human that has been bitten by an infected individual will eventually die if it is not administered before the more severe symptoms manifest. The actual rabies vaccine used to be administered to warm blooded pets every year but a more recently developed type has extended the duration to three years.

Canine distemper is another disease that requires pet vaccinations for dogs. There are other types that are also focused on cats and ferrets. Young puppies and older dogs are susceptible to this sickness. It is viral and attacks the central nervous system of the animal. Puppies have a higher mortality rate than any other age group because their immune system is not fully developed yet. Authorities are concerned with the spread of canine distemper among other warm blooded animals because it tends to mutate into a different strain that affects particular mammals.

The parvo virus is a severe form of sickness that is lethal to many dogs. This is transmitted from one individual to another through indirect or direct contact with infected feces. Puppies that do not have a fully developed immune system tends to succumb to this and so do full grown dogs. It manifests in two forms, intestinal and cardiac forms. In the former, severe dysentery and vomiting is experienced by the dog. The latter form is more silent causing cardiovascular or respiratory failure in the animal. This disease does not affect humans and other mammals. If left untreatedScience Articles, chances are high that the animal will die. It is important that pet vaccinations for this disease be given to your dog because it its highly lethal and contagious even in those which have been treated and have survived it. Puppies are given the vaccine as soon as the maternal immunity wears off. It is given in a series of months and then a booster is administered after a few years.

These are just a few of the lawfully required pet vaccinations for dogs in the United States of America. There are many others that need to be administered at the convenience and preferences of the owner.

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