Dog Safe Halloween

How Much Fun Is Halloween For Your Dog?

Keep your dog safe and comfortable in simple Halloween costumes

Halloween! Yay!! How cute!! But not always happy for the dogs..

Kids and Halloween just go together, but not so much with our furry buddies. Dogs and stress go together like fire and water and I’m sure you don’t want your dog stressed this, or any other, holiday season.

According to the ASPCA, dogs are more likely to suffer from poisoning and burns on Halloween than any other time of the year!:( Of course, you don’t want your furkid harmed due to negligence or cruelty .. here are some tips to keep in mind this Halloween season:

  • Keep your dog inside and away from all the commotion on Halloween!
  • Any open door is a potential for escape. Keep tags and collar on your dog during the trick or treating time, especially. Keep a baby gate in front of your door so your fur baby can’t run off with the trick or treaters!
  • Keep all forms of candy, and their wrappers, out of your dog’s reach.
  • Candy, especially Chocolate, is toxic for dogs. They just can’t digest it, keep your dog’s own treats on hand if she/he is feeling left out.
  • Keep decorations away from puppies’ reach, particularly electrical cords. Take care with rubber bands in costumes and chewable pieces from toys and all those scrumptious smelling wrappers.
  • Be nice to black cats.
  • If a costume comes with a face mask, don’t use it. Dogs usually aren’t too happy with having one wrapped around their face, getting fur tangled in the rubber bands.

Have a fun filled, and safe, Halloween!


Pet Food and Veterinary Assistance

Need Help With Vet Bills or Pet Food? There ARE Resources Available! 

Because our pets are a life-long commitment, it’s not unheard of for a dog or cat mom or dad to face financial hardship at some point in the life of their fur-children.

We can all agree that before bringing an animal into your heart and home, it’s important to be prepared for the financial responsibilities – veterinary care, quality food and treats, preventative measures, etc. – that come along with pet parenthood. However, over the course of that 15-20+ year commitment, things happen. Jobs are lost, injuries or accidents make it impossible to work, economies take a hit.

Unfortunately, in many cases of financial hardship, it’s the family pet that suffers.

Follow the link below if you need help with pet food or vet costs, as there are always alternatives!

Dog Boarding In Home

In home dog boarding by a professional pet sitter!

When you hate to leave your dog just anyplace with unknown people, I can help you! I provide a unique alternative to traditional dog boarding in my own private home where your dog can live as he lives in yours. Or you prefer, I can come to you! I am bonded and insured offering you the peace of mind you need when you have to be away.

Your dog will feel safe, comfortable and loved with in home dog boarding. I treat your dog just like he’s a member of my family, eliminating your baby’s stress and anxiety! Your dog will have fun and have his own Holiday!

How it Works

Call or contact me and we’ll set up an initial consultation, a meet and greet, in my home, or yours, so we can all meet. If you decide we’re a good fit, we can then set up a reservation for you. If you live out of the area and you’re coming here for a visit,  contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.

I take special care in giving your dog the love, care and attention he, or she, is used to getting. Receiving lots of love, petting, playing, walking, a warm and comfortable place to sleep and the food your pet is accustomed to eating. I encourage you to bring your dog’s own bed if you want to, toys, favorite blankie, food bowls, and own food. Dogs always feel more comfortable surrounded by their own possessions just like people do!

If you want your dog crated for the night, for training and to keep to a routine, just bring it with you. I’ve had several clients bring crates and play pens and I’m more than happy to accommodate you.

Required shots for in home dog boarding

It’s required that all dogs be up to date on shots, with accompanying paperwork whether you come to my home or I come to yours.