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Pet Parents Have a Need to Know! (as they should)

mohawk-valley-pet-sitter-upstate-ny-whitesboro-ny-13492 Please, feel free to email or use the contact form for any questions you may have:

  • How do you manage to have dog boarding reservations for only one household at a time? Well, I really don’t pack the dogs in like a kennel or typical dog boarders do. I don’t have the space for more than one household even with a large backyard. My dogs don’t spend all their time outside in the backyard. Most of the time, my guest dogs are indoors and when we go in the backyard it’s for 10-15 minutes at a time.  As well, my house isn’t large enough to be able to separate unfamiliar dogs in a moments’ notice. It can accommodate 3 guest dogs that are already familiar with and love each other, so that’s 4 dogs including my dog. (There’s no dog that has ever been intimidated by my dog.) I really enjoy and love the dogs that come into my life and they receive a ton of attention and personal care. I wouldn’t be able to look after them adequately if I had to constantly police them to make sure they’re interacting properly with each other.
  • Then, why do you mention dogs should be friendly? I mention this because of over-lapping reservations, because as life would have it, reservations over lap! Overlaps can occur during pick up and drop offs on the same day. Overlaps can be anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. If I feel that there may be an oncoming aggression between non-familiar guest dogs, I use the bedroom to keep the dogs separated. To some dogs (especially my own) bedroom time is deserving of a yowl fest and some very dramatic sulking after the door opens. Don’t fret, my husband will accompany so we can avoid all that unpleasantness! And, I’ve only had to go this route one time, it’s pretty unusual this happens – most are friendly and well mannered, and it’s rarely an issue. If pets are shy, that’s okay, but if they have a history of biting, it’s best to contact another professional.
  • Do you train dogs? Not at the moment – but I am interested in dog behavior. I’m very good with separation anxiety. I am very calming for dogs, they instinctively know when they’re loved! Most dogs suffering from separation anxiety are fine as long as someone is with them. Separation anxiety stems from fear and feelings of abandonment. I use some distraction techniques if, after you walk out the door,  your pet is still upset and agitated after a half hour. What I’ve found works is talking in a calm and reassuring voice, food puzzle toys and a sniff around the backyard from all the previous dogs takes their minds off fearful feelings.
  • What kind of Food Puzzle Toys do you use? I use a couple of DIY food puzzle toys anxious dogs seem to love – it burns off their self absorbency and gets their inquisitiveness going. A favorite is “What’s in the box?” – I take an empty cereal box and throw bacon treats (Beggin’ Strips) inside with the tab insert firmly in place. The little 12-pack cereal boxes seem to really intrigue and they tear the box apart to get to the Beggin’ Strip! Another I like to have on hand is ice cube tricky treats. I take an ice cube tray and put a small dog treat in each ice compartment. I fill the tray with water and freeze them. Ice cube treats get thrown around a lot, melts and makes a little mess but it’s fun for them and its just water. These food puzzle toys even help an older dog to gain reassurance and feel comfortable.
  • Do you take them for walks when dog boarding? I do take them for walks around the neighborhood because it’s fun and they enjoy it! I know the neighborhood and most of the dogs in it so there’s no worries about dog altercations.
  • Do you require proof of vaccinations for dog boarding? Yes, I ask for a rabies vaccination certificate to have on hand during your dog’s stay.
  • Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered for dog boarding? I prefer it, I have taken dogs who were not neutered, although I’ve never taken a dog that’s not spayed. Unless you’re a professional dog breeder I don’t see the point in not having your dog spayed or neutered. I have made exceptions though but can’t promise I will take every one requested.
  •  Do you require proof of vaccinations for pet sitting? Yes, I ask for a rabies vaccination certificate to have on hand during my stay with your pet.
  • I need you to come to me for pet sitting – can my children or neighbors do some of the visits, and you the rest? I totally understand wanting children, neighbors, or friends help out. I have shared jobs in the past with clients’ adult children and neighbors, and had some things happen that made me leery. Examples include an unlocked door, someone “sleeping over”, signs of a party, a messed up kitchen, and signs the pet wasn’t cared for properly. If something isn’t right, and I have to put it in a note, it puts me in an awkward position. If pet sitting visits will be a shared job, we need an agreement in writing that this will be a shared responsibility between parties with specific details.
  • How do you board dogs and travel to pet sitting visits at the same time? Well, put simply, I don’t take on more than I can handle! Unfortunately I can’t fulfill every request I receive and I don’t overbook myself. I also do not take on more pets than I can handle, and make sure to leave time for the unexpected.
  • Is there anything the pet has to do? Yes, it is essential for dogs to let me in when you’re away for pet sitting drop in visits and over night stays!  And they need to be current on rabies vaccination.
  • How do I know you’re Bonded and Insured? I’ll show you the paperwork if you have any concerns, or you can also call (855) 737-1598. Ask me for my PSA membership ID number and they’ll confirm membership and insurance coverages for you.

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