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Pet Parents Need to Know

mohawk-valley-pet-sitter-upstate-ny-whitesboro-ny-13492 Please, feel free to email or use the contact form for any questions you may have:

    • Should dogs should be friendly? I mention this because of over-lapping reservations, because as life would have it, reservations over lap! Overlaps can occur during pick up and drop offs on the same day. Overlaps can be anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours, to a day or more. If pets are shy, that’s okay, but if there is a history of biting, it’s best to contact a facility kennel.
    • Do you take them for walks when dog boarding? I don’t take dogs for walks around the neighborhood because my backyard is large enough to accommodate exercise needs.
    • Do you require proof of vaccinations for dog boarding? Yes, I ask for a rabies vaccination certificate to have on hand during your dog’s stay.
    • Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered for dog boarding? I prefer it, I have taken dogs who were not neutered, although I’ve never taken a dog that’s not spayed. Unless you’re a professional dog breeder I don’t see the point in not having your dog spayed or neutered. I have made exceptions though but can’t promise I will take every one requested.
    •  Do you require proof of vaccinations for pet sitting? Yes, I ask for a rabies vaccination certificate to have on hand during my stay with your pet. Puppies need to be up to date on Parvo Immunization and Distemper.
    • I need you to come to me for pet sitting – can my children or neighbors do some of the visits, and you the rest? I totally understand wanting children, neighbors, or friends help out. I have shared jobs in the past with clients’ adult children and neighbors, and had some things happen that made me leery. Examples include an unlocked door, someone “sleeping over”, signs of a party, a messed up kitchen, and signs the pet wasn’t cared for properly. If something isn’t right, and I have to put it in a note, it puts me in an awkward position. If pet sitting visits will be a shared job, we need an agreement in writing that this will be a shared responsibility between parties with specific details.

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